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Vidhi Rastogi, Veg Foodiee's Founder

“About Veg Foodiee”

Hi, Hello, Namaste, and Welcome Here. Yay! Thank you for coming here on Veg Foodiee. Veg Foodiee Actually the correct spelling of “Veg Foodiee” is This “Veg Foodie” But the extra “e” is for them who are more foodiee than “foodie.” “Veg Foodiee” means a girl who loves vegetarian food very much, and she cooked every recipe and tasted it with herself and her family. You can find every vegetarian recipe here, we will try to help you with every recipe. In our recipe, you will easily read the whole recipe which is in a straightforward and basic language. Every recipe is tested and tried in our kitchen then we update it in our Blog.

We also have a youtube channel you will find every recipe video there so, you can easily understand our recipes. You can find every recipe video in every recipe. We have eggless no microwave recipes as well as microwave ones.

Last 2 years back we used to have another blog the name was, “My Kitchen veg recipes” But because of some reasons we lost that, and we were tried to take that but it was not possible at that time.
So now we have this new Blog that is, “Veg Foodiee” Hope you all would love it.

Who’s “Foodiee Girl”

Hello People! I am Vidhi Rastogi I am the “Veg foodiee Girl” who loves food very much. I Love to cook, and also love to share my dishes to my friends and family. Whenever you received such appreciation like, “khana Kitna accha bana hai” “tere hathon mei jaadu hai yaar”, “tu restaurant khol le” It makes my day and makes me want to cook and share recipes even more.


of Vidhi Rastogi!

By professionally I am a Digital Marketer who has 2 years of digital marketing experience. Yes! I am post graduated. Also, I have 6 months of VFX Production Coordinator experience. So, I am into the VFX Industry too.
Last 2 years back I used to have my blog but unfortunately, for some reason I lost that. At that time I had created my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page. The Blog name was www.mykitchenvegreceipes. But you know, whatever happens, is for good.

From today, I will share my tried and tested recipes for you so that you will also enjoy my recipes and I hope you would love it.

Why did I choose cooking?

“Cooking” Cooking is the main hobby for me. I am following my hobby when I was only 14 years old. Because I am enjoying it a lot, it is like enjoyment for me and I can do it for a full day.

Why I lost my previous blog?

Time is the main key to your blog. When I was learning Digital Marketing I create my Kitchen Veg Recipes blog it was going well but when I completed my digital marketing course, I got my first job and because of that I had not typo-time for my website. But I said, whatever happens, is for good.

Why Veg Foodiee?

In this Corona Year, 2020, I have grown my Instagram on this lockdown period. And then I thought to make a new Blog So, here I am with Veg Foodiee.

I believe in Do it Yourself. (DIY)

Yes, I believe in DIY as it doesn’t matter what we do is right or wrong, the only thing which matters is to love the thing we do. I love to make DIY Stuff. I will show you my DIY Collections because I love to share.

Always welcome for suggestions. You can suggest me anything regarding my blog you can mail me at


Vidhi Rastogi!